Special Keys

  • Input Test: STOP+MENU MENU
  • System Menu: STOP+SHIFT


  • abdeckung fehlende hauptstrombuchse
  • klappensicherung
  • lüftungsschlitz verblenden
  • nachhaltige wasserdesinfektion (UV, Alkohole, H2O2, ..?)
  • Zusätzliche Wasserkühlung durch Radiator und Thermometer

"Model HQ1490 GuangZhou Amonstar Trade Co. Ltd" "Ridgeyard-100w-CO2-laser-graviermaschine-engraving-Gravurmaschine-1400x900mm-CE" "

Manual Controller

LaserCAD v8.13.17

Crowdfunding pad

Recommended machine parameters

important: avoid operation above 80% power

recommended power level: 60%

The laser tube's light output does not significantly increase above 80%, while its durability still suffers from increased degradation.

We have limited the max power level in the system menu to 80% for this purpose.


Material Strength Speed Power Passes Notes
Acrylic 4mm 15mm/s 40% 1 [^1]
Plywood 3mm 50mm/s 40% 1 Lower speed/power is possible but leaves charred edges
Plywood 6mm 10mm/s 40% 1 The edges are quite charred so might need some more experminatation (25mm/s 60% does not cut trough the wood completely so you need to break it of a bit)
hdf 3mm 50mm/s 60% 1 Lower speed/power is possible but leaves charred edges
some random corrugated cardboard 3 layers 6.3mm 150mm/s 40% 1-2 Always watch while lasering! DON'T LOWER THE SPEED IT WILL BURN!

LC Interlocking

Glueless tab settings for FreeCAD Laser Cut Interlocking Workbench (based on 3mm Plywood)


[^1]: When cutting acrylic, remove upper layer of protective foil, but leave bottom layer in place. This will prevent fusing the foil on top while preventing residue from sticking to the bottom.