Coming and going

Your keyfob

It's a keyfob. It's yours. (TODO)

Look around you

When you enter the Lab and have a little attention and time to spare, please check for:

  • Routine tasks: such as emptying the trash or dealing with leftover tools or wiping a table. Take a few minutes out of your day to keep the lab in good condition!
  • Warning signs: Did something catch fire and explode? Did someone make a major mess? Is there a mouse in the life mousetrap?
  • Notice the Noticeboard: There is a whiteboard in the entrance area with a pen. Feel free to use it! It also accepts cute drawings and snarky remarks.

Last person to leave?


  • Open Fires, Chemicals, Power, other dangers
  • Windows and doors
  • Did we leave everything at least slightly cleaner and more orderly than when we arrived? That's good!
  • Don't forget to hit the Buzzer (TODO)

Bringing guests

You may always bring guests. When you bring guests they are your responsibility! If they broke something, you broke it. If they fixed something, you fixed it!

Guests may never operate "qualified members only" machinery or devices without direct supervision!


We all expect us all to:

  • Help each other and ask for help when needed
  • Repair and replace broken equipment
  • Maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and personal comfort
  • Clean a little more than only the mess we just made
  • Reduce entropy even if we are discordians
  • Respect our elders and board members
  • Be there and go beyond when the Lab needs us
  • Never assume others will clean up for you, even if you brought something or spent money. Their time and energy is just as valueable as yours!
  • If someone has spent a lot of time working on communal infrastructure, offering them a hand in cleanup at the end of the day is a good way to show your appreciation!

Member privileges

  • Every member has the right to enforce house rules.
  • All members are equals and deserving of assistance and respect.
  • All members share the space equally and have equal rights to its facilities and resources.

Qualified equipment

Make sure you check and know what the restricted equipment is.


is vast and confusing. Also there are rules, know them.


We got a lot of stuff. We all work together to make sure that it doesn't run out.

Drinks and Food

There's a Strichliste


Everyone should be familiar with how the club works. See The Labor and Club in particular.

Contacts and persons of interest


IT Infrastructure

See IT

Membership fees

How and what

Do not do this

  • Political advertising
  • Disrespect privacy
  • Violate german law
  • Bring your pets - the Lab is NOT safe for pets at all!
  • Use Facebook
  • Discriminate, be racist, be a homophobic dick etc etc.